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Dive Program & Dive Sites

Dive Program & Dive Sites

Learning to dive in the Maldives

You are planning a holiday in the Maldives and are not sure if you want to learn to dive? All we can do is recommend it! The underwater world of the Maldives is full of surprises. Great soft and hard corals and above all lots of fish, many small and colourful reef fish, nudibranchs, turtles, eagle rays, manta rays, reef sharks, whale sharks …. way too much to list everything. We would love to introduce you to this fascinating underwater world and this great sport.

At our diving resorts, you have the opportunity to take a beginner diving course several times a week. We eduvcate in accordance with the guidelines of SSI (Scuba Schools International) or i.a.c., (International Aquanautic Club). In addition you can take a PADI Open Water Diver certification with us. They all have one thing in common: at the end of the course you will go home with an internationally recognised certificate, which will welcome you at any dive center worldwide.

We want to train you with no stress and with an individual approach. For this reason, all beginner diving courses at Werner Lau take place in small groups of a maximum of 2 students per instructor.

If you are already a certified diver, you have a lot of possibilities to continue your diving education with us:

  • Various special courses according to the guidelines of SSI, i.a.c., CMAS or PADI.
  • SSI or i.a.c. Advanced Adventurer Course
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course
  • CMAS Silver or CMAS Gold (on request)
  • Rescue Diver Course (on request)
  • Divemaster or Divecon (on request)

For more information please contact our dive center:

Dive Sites

Boahura Express

Shoals of blue-lined and humpbacked snapper, sweetlips and fusiliers are amongst the colorful collection of marine life at this dive site, which shelves steeply at a 45-degree angle before dropping down as a sheer wall after 30m. Turtles, sharks and tuna are also regularly spotted here.

Mantas and More

As the name suggests, this is a superb spot for sighting manta rays. There are various cleaning stations in the vicinity where mantas and their young can be observed between just 10 to 15m. The healthy reef slopes down gently to 30 meters and is a popular site for large fish including tuna, barracuda and napoleon wrasses.

Happy Corner

Eagle rays, sharks, fusiliers and jackfish can be found on the corner of the outside reef and can also be seen from just a few meters into the channel. Sometimes it’s dived as a drift dive, taking in some interesting overhangs and vibrant hard and soft coral.

Simply the Best

This site is a small giri located close to a channel. White tip reef sharks, grey reef sharks and large fish including tuna, grouper as well as schooling mackerel and fusiliers are common sights at Simply the Best, which also features ridges covered with spectacular coral.

Medhufushi Thila

A lot of overhangs adorned with beautiful coral can be found throughout this site. Between 15 and 25m on the south side you can find beautiful hard and soft coral and sea fans. Big shoals of rock cod, sweet lips, fusiliers and blue-banded snappers provide a colorful and mesmerizing spectacle.

Sharks Tongue

Sharks Tongue is a challenging dive site which requires some skill but divers who successfully navigate it will be rewarded with the sight of turtles, large schools of oriental sweetlips, surgeon fish, fusiliers and copper snapper between 8 and 15m. The reef slope is the jewel in the crown of Sharks Tongue, with groups of black tip and white tip reef sharks between 15m and 30m. During incoming currents, grey reef sharks and silver sharks often make an appearance.

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